Camp X-Ray

October 27, 2014

Payman Maadi and Kristen Stewart in CAMP X-RAY.

Directed by: Peter Sattler

Written by: Peter Sattler

Cast: Kristen Stewart as Amy Cole, Peyman Moaadi as Ali (as Payman Maadi), Lane Garrison as Randy, Joseph Julian Soria as Rico John Carroll Lynch as Col. Drummond

Rating: R

Running Time: 117 minutes

After starring in the blockbuster TWILIGHT, Kristen Stewart continues to make good role choices that proves she’s has acting chops. In CAMP X-RAY Ms. Stewart plays an Army MP at Guantanamo Bay. She befriends Ali, played marvelously by Payman Maadi (best known for his performance in Farhadi’s A SEPARATION), who has been imprisoned there for eight years. Their relationship effectively demonstrates reasons for imprisoning detainees are not as black and white as the U.S. Government wants us to believe. Where the film scores high marks in revealing the darker underbelly of the military lifestyle.

Grade: B

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