November 11, 2014

Edward Snowden in CITIZENFOUR.

Directed by: Laura Poitrasin

Written by:


Rating: R

Running Time: 114 minutes

Laura Poitras’ CITIZENFOUR documentary is the third film in her trilogy about post-9/11 America. The film is about journalist Glenn Greenwald breaking the most important story of this century—Edward Snowden’s stolen NSA information about the U.S. Government’s data collection of everyone’s personal information in the name of protecting the U.S. from terrorism—is essential viewing for ALL citizens of the world. It is not a perfect film. But what it lacks in form is made up with revelatory content and a haunting message: that “Big Brother” is here, and sadly it seems there is nothing we can do to stop it—the monolith is too big and too powerful.

Grade: A

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