Horrible Bosses 2

November 26, 2014

Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Chris Pine in HORRIBLE BOSSES 2.

Directed by: Sean Anders

Written by: Sean Anders (Screenplay) (Story), John Morris (Screenplay) (Story), Jonathan M. Goldstein (Story), John Francis Daley (Story), Michael Markowitz (characters)

Cast: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Chris Pine, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx

Rating: R (for strong crude sexual content and language throughout)

Running Time: 108 minutes

The gang is back! Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis return to reprise their roles as dumb, dumber, and dumbest, in HORRIBLE BOSSES 2. This time, however, instead of trying to kill the other’s bosses, they are going to kidnap their investor’s (Christoph Waltz) son (Chris Pine) for ransom. Funny and raunchy, the film has a similar amount of laughs as the first film, but the humor is so lowbrow that the film never becomes anything other than a fast food film. Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Jaime Foxx all return in their roles from the previous film, with Spacey the only one able to bring a new wrinkle to the character (perhaps it’s his location).

Grade: C+

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