Space Station 76

October 21, 2014

Marisa Coughlan, Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, and Matt Bomer in SPACE STATION 76.

Directed by: Jack Plotnick

Written by: Jennifer Elise Cox, Sam Pancake, Jack Plotnick, Kali Rocha, Michael Stoyanov

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Jerry O'Connell, Marisa Coughlan, Matt Bomer, Kali Rocha

Rating: R

Running Time: 94 minutes

SPACE STATION 76’s production design is its only redeeming quality. As much fun and nostalgic it is to see the look of the 1970s on a space station, the film never escapes a clunky script that relies too much on clichés from the era. An interesting cast—Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Jerry O’Connell—that never get a chance to have fun with its “Buck Rogers” TV sitcom set.

Grade: D+

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