Wild Tales

February 20, 2015

Érica Rivas as Romina in WILD TALES. Photo by Javier Juliá, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

Directed by: Damián Szifrón

Written by: Damián Szifrón

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Darío Grandinetti, Érica Rivas, Oscar Martinez, Osmar Nuñez, Maria Marull, Monica Villa, Rita Cortese, Julieta Zylberberg, Cesar Bordon, Walter Donado, Nancy Duplaa, María Onetto, German deSilva, Diego Gentile

Rating: R (for violence, language and brief sexuality)

Running Time: 122 minutes

Argentina’s 2015 Oscar nominated Foreign-Language film, WILD TALES, is the combination of six dark comedic short films: “Pasternak”, “The Rats”, “Road To Hell”, “Bombita”, “The Deal”, and “’Til Death Do Us Part”. Damián Szifrón writes and directs all six films, and does a great job of keeping the quality of each short film approximately the same. Each film displays the lowest of the low in regards to human behavior, and could easily be called “The Human Animal: Rage and Revenge.” Everyone will have their favorites of the six, and mine are “Pasternak”, “The Deal”, and “’Til Death Do Us Part”. I especially enjoyed the performances of Oscar Martinez in “The Deal”, Walter Donado in “Road To Hell”, and Érica Rivas in the finale.

Grade: B+

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